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Requirements & Policy

Because Crosspoint is a relatively small school, we do not conduct tryouts for filling out sports teams. With that in mind, the coaches do field the most competitive teams possible for each sport. The coaches will decide which athletes will make the most competitive game. Subsequently, players may not necessarily have equal playing time.

Athletic Requirements

  • Crosspoint student athletes and their parents must review the Athletic Policies and agree to abide by them. The policies may be found here and are also in the Parent-Student Handbook.

  • Crosspoint student athletes must complete a sports physical fitness evaluation with a doctor, pediatrician, nurse practitioner, or chiropractor prior to participation on a sports team.

  • Crosspoint student athletes and their parents must sign the Athletics Participation Waivers to assume all risks of injury when participating in school sports.

It is recommended that the athlete conduct the sports physical with his or her regular health practitioner who best knows the health history of the athlete. In the event that an irregularity is discovered, auxiliary clinics will often refer the child back to the regular doctor, which will involve another full evaluation.

Sports Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation Form: Students and parents should fill out the health history portion of the evaluation form before seeing their health professional.

Athletics Participation Waivers: Students and parents should fill out and sign the appropriate form and return to the school office prior to the start of the first sport season in which the student will be participating.


The current Athletic Policies can be downloaded here.

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