Crosspoint Christian School Association is comprised of parents, staff, and others committed to Christian education. The purpose of the Association is to conduct and administer a Christ-centered school of elementary and secondary education for the daily instruction of children. The mission of the Association is carried out by the:

  • Administrator hired by the Board of Directors for oversight of all aspects of the School, which includes staff, students, committees, volunteers, and all business and non-business activities.

  • Board of Directors elected by the members of the Association to administer and manage the affairs of the School in the spirit of the Bylaws of the Association. They shall have authority over any individual or group within, elected or appointed by the Association.


  • Association Membersattendance at Association meetings is necessary for the business of Crosspoint to be completed. Matters of budget, and policy must be taken to the Association for approval. This is also the main venue parents have for expressing suggestions and concerns for the school.


  • Standing and Temporary Service Groups staffed by members of the Association. The Service Groups are responsible for doing the research and making recommendations to the Board and Association for the budget, curriculum, and policies. Service Groups are also responsible for the oversight of the building and grounds.


  • Other Volunteersnecessary to carry out the workings of the school. Without parental involvement, Crosspoint ceases to function. Many of the extracurricular activities are headed by volunteers as are fundraising, building upkeep, and classroom activities.

How We Operate

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Don Coons

Crosspoint Christian School has been called to be the salt and light of this community, and the world. If we love God with all of our heart, soul, and mind; and love each other as Christ loves the church; we will certainly be taking the most important step in fulfilling the calling of CCS in the surrounding area!

Administrators Perspective


Board of Directors

Steve Thomas

Board President

To quote Amy Carmichael, "You work for the years you will not see. You work for the Invisible all the time, but you work for the Eternal. So it is all worth while."

Kevin Aholt

Board Vice-President


Mike Hopkins

Board Secretary

Clinton Lewis

"I am Honored to serve as a CCS board member and am excited to be a part of GOD's plans for the future of this school. "

Ryan Meuer

Board Treasurer

"Being a part of our children's education is such a blessing.  I and pray that our work will foster growth of the school in Christ, and in numbers"

Karen Suttles

"I serve on the board because as a parent I wanted to become involved in the decision making and future success of the school for generations to come."

Jeff Cobb

"As parents, we have a responsibility to train our children in a Christ-like manner, establishing a firm foundation, enabling them to courageously dwell in the world as they grow older and begin families of their own."

We're seeking teachers and coaches with an established faith in Christ Jesus who see education and coaching not just as professions but also as a calling.




51 Hwy M
Villa Ridge, MO 63089



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Crosspoint Christian School admits students of any race, color, ethnic or national background.