Driving & Parking

Main (WEST) Campus - Student Drop-off & Pick-up Traffic Flow
Drivers coming to the school to drop-off or pick-up students need to use the south entrance down by the church's Lighthouse Ministry Center and continue one way up to the school entrance. If you are coming down Hwy M, please do not use the upper entrance unless you are heading immediately to the upper parking lot off to the right.


High School (EAST) Campus - Parking and Traffic Flow

In the morning students, parents, and staff are to enter the parking lot via the north entry drive.  All traffic should flow in front of the school.  Students should park in the lower south lot, with overflow in front of the school north of the handicapped and visitor parking spaces, and in the upper north lot.  Teachers can park in the spaces just south of and closest to the school or in the lower parking spaces east of the school.  Parents should drop students off at the southwest corner of the school for entry into the southernmost doors.

Parent Volunteer Driver Form - This completed form is required to be on file at the school before any parent or guardian may transport students, other than his or her own child, on behalf of school activities.

Student Driver Agreement - Secondary students who wish to drive themselves to and from school or school-related activities must sign this agreement. The student driver's parent or guardian must also use this form to give permission for the student to transport other students on behalf of school activities.