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Tuition Assistance


Because we recognize that private education can be a significant financial investment for families, Crosspoint offers financial assistance for families with demonstrable need. The Parent Association approves the total amount of tuition assistance available for distribution as a part of the annual budget. Each family that applies for assistance is then individually evaluated, and tuition assistance is granted based on need, as documented in the tuition assistance application.

There are many factors considered when determining a family's need for tuition assistance, including income, assets, medical expenses, living expenses, financial obligations, and number of dependents. Because each family's situation is unique, Crosspoint now uses the independent reviewer Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST) to process tuition assistance applications. Along with your application, a review of your tax information is required in order to determine your tuition assistance.

How to Apply for Tuition Assistance
1. Complete an online tuition assistance application at FAST.
2. Before starting the application, please review the instructions (also available on the left side of the FAST login page). If you would like to view the application in its entirety, download the "User Guide" (also available on the left side of the FAST login page) to preview the information you will be required to submit.
3. Download a copy of Federal Form 4506T from Complete lines 1-4. Upload a signed but not dated copy of the 4506T to FAST.
4. When completed, upload copies of your current W-2s and tax information to FAST. Refer to "Quick Processing" (also available on the left side of the FAST login page) for directions and assistance on uploading your tax information.

Application Deadline All Families: April 30th.
Applications received after this deadline will be considered only as time and funds allow. The Financial Assistance Service Group tries to determine the amount of aid granted on or before May 15.

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